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Email Templates for Follow up

Download 11 Free Email Templates For Follow Up

Resources for improving Sales, Invoicing & Payments

invoice template in excel

Invoice Format in Excel

Download free invoice formats in Excel. You can customize and also easily modify them as per your business needs. Sample Templates! Download free invoice formats in Excel with GST and […]

Download Quotation Format in Excel

Quotation Template in Excel

Use our professional quotation templates to create quotes easily. You can easily download the required quotation format in excel for free and hence customize them as per your requirements.  Sample […]

writing quotation letter

Quotation Format Letter

Have you got a request from a potential customer to share a quotation for your products or services over email? You can use one of the quotation format letters provided […]

Simplify invoicing & payments

Free Invoice, Quotation & Estimate Templates
Download templates for free!

Create professional invoices, quotations and estimates and send them to your customers.

Articles on customer relationship, marketing & sales

sales navigator

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Are you someone who uses Linkedin frequently for prospecting and lead generation? Then you might want to check out the Linkedin Sales Navigator feature.  You get to access Linkedin Sales […]

software for small businesses

7 Best Software for Small Businesses 

For running your own business you might need to wear too many hats to look into all departments such as the business, marketing, administrative, technical side etc. The good news […]

small business ideas for india

Top 10 Small Business Ideas For India In 2022

Getting started in a profitable business isn’t difficult. However, aspiring entrepreneurs often have trouble in choosing the right business matching their talents. We will describe all the best small business […]

Quotation format in word

Quotation Template in Word

Choose your favourite quotation template in word which suits your business requirements and also download them for free. Sample Templates! Download free quotation templates in Word with GST and VAT. […]

Quotation Formats in Google Sheets

Quotation Format in Google Sheet

Use our professional quotation templates to create quotes easily. You can easily download the required quotation format in google sheet for free and then customize them as per your requirements. […]

How to Create an Invoice

How to Create an Invoice

Are you struggling to create professional-looking invoices? Sending professional invoices to your clients can help you in many ways. It establishes a good impression on your clients about your business. […]

GST invoice format in excel

Download GST Invoice Format in Excel

Choose your favourite Invoice GST Formats from the samples given below. You can download, customize and then send professional-looking invoices to your customers. Sample Templates! Download free invoice formats with […]

invoice template in google sheets

Invoice Template in Google Sheets

You can download free invoice template in Google Sheets. Easily customize and also modify them as per your business needs. Sample Templates! Download free invoice formats in Google Sheets with […]


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About Zenys

Zenys is an all in one application for small business owners, freelancers and creative professionals for managing their business.

With Zenys, you can manage all aspects of your business starting with generating customer inquiries to finally collecting online payments from customers even without having a website.

Here are some of the cool features that comes with Zenys:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Manage all your customer details, interactions and information
  • Sales and Projects: Create and track your sales/ project by stages
  • Invoicing and payments: Create professional invoices with your branding and collect online payment from customers
  • Collaboration and productivity: Task management for teams and google calendar integration
  • Automations: Automatically create tasks, schedule follow ups and send emails in response to different events.
  • Dashboards and reports: track the progress of your business with easy to understand dashboards and reports

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