Customer Management Simplified

Zenys customer management features are designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses – big impact comes with little effort.
No more manually storing your customer details in spreadsheets nor the pain and effort that comes with using complex CRM software.

Get all the details in one place

  • Access from anywhere

Add and access your contacts from anywhere – use our lightweight mobile application or work from the comfort of your office with Zenys web application.

  • Follow-Ups

Create follow-up with customers and increase your conversion chances by upto 40%.

  • Tasks and Meetings

Create tasks to be done for customer, schedule meetings and never miss out on customer commitments.

Track your contacts by stage

Track the progress of your customer from the time you get a lead or an inquiry using to finally becoming a paying customer activity tracking functionalities.

Upload your contacts

Quickly upload all your customer details from a csv (comma separated value format) file and save time manually entering data.

And, if you need any help with migrating your data, we are here to help!

Organize all information in one place

No more hassle of storing and searching in different places.

Upload all customer related documents as attachments and capture all information about your contact as notes throughout the lifecycle of the customer.

Customize fields as per your needs

  • Add additional fields

Add additional data capture fields based on your business requirement.

  • Add custom categories

Create fields with drop-down options to categorize your contacts.

Assign contacts to staff

Have a team working with you?

Zenys multi user accounts enable you to assign contacts to your team members. Control who gets to see what information and access which feature easily.

Get more out of Zenys with the enterprise plan


Send email to your contacts from Zenys using your gmail id.

Google Calendar

Set up meetings with your clients using google calendar.

Email Marketing

Sync user data with a Mailchimp audience for sending personalized email marketing campaigns


What is CRM ?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software refers to technologies that assist businesses in improving their customer relationship, streamlining processes and boosting productivity. With your business growing, you can opt for a CRM tool to bring your lead generation, sales and customer support activities together. According to your business needs you can opt for different types of crm available in the market.

How is Zenys different from other CRMs?

Zenys is a process management and lead generation tool that is tailor-made for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. We help manage their overall business processes from getting customer inquiries to tracking collections. Apart from the basic features of a free CRM software we also offer features for project management, task management, invoicing and collections and an online listing platform. In short, we are more than a sales CRM giving you everything to run your business easily.

Why is Zenys the ideal CRM for small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs?

Our free CRM is known for its easy adaptability and affordable price plans. We stand out from other CRM tools available in the market for the features that are curated to meet the needs of small businesses. With Zenys you can manage contacts, manage projects, track sales, manage pipelines, create tasks and meetings, send invoices to your customers and track your collections. Managing your business can be done in one single platform with us.

Is the CRM on-premise or cloud?

Zenys CRM is a Cloud Based CRM. You can have access to it anywhere, anytime.

Is the CRM easy to use for non techies?

Of course. Zenys has a very simple user interface that any person without any technical knowledge can use.

How easy is it to migrate your existing data?

If you have existing data, migrating them to our CRM software is very easy and you never need to worry about it.

How Zenys improves the lead to customer conversion rate?

Zenys offers you a client management system that helps you maintain good client relationships. With the business management tool, you can create follow-ups for your leads so that they don’t slip through the cracks. Using the project management and task management features you can stay on track with your project and your customer journey.  Maintaining a good client relationship will increase your conversion rates for sure.

Can I assign sales and projects to other members of my team?

Absolutely. You can assign sales and projects to other members of your team.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. You can try our software for free. Check out our pricing plan to know the features of our free package. 

How secure is my data in Zenys?

Your data is secure on Zenys. We do not save any details such as your customer details, billing details, GST number, your customer number, items sold etc.

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